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Cleaning & Rubbish

27 January 2024 -


The cleaner attends at The Vic each Thursday afternoon to clean the Common Areas (including mopping of tiles on all levels).

If any resident happens to have an accident (I.e. spill something on the Common Area), it is expected out of consideration for other residents, that they will clean up their own mess as it is unsightly and may pose a slip hazard. A special magic spray mop has been left in the water meter cupboard (next to the parcel lockers) on level G for residents to use to wipe up spills.


The rubbish and recycling collections are undertaken by a private contractor each Tuesday morning.

Please ensure that the directions for rubbish and recycling posted in the waste room are followed. Residents that have excess cardboard waste due to moving in are requested to flatten all boxes and dispose of it over 2-3 weeks so that the OC does not unnecessarily get charged for excess waste disposal.

Only general household waste is permitted to go in the rubbish bins. There is no hard rubbish collection from the bin room. Anyone identified dumping hard rubbish at the property will be charged for the cost of disposal as well as administration.

Moving In/Out

27 January 2024 -


We request all lot owners read and familiarise themselves with the Moving In Fact Sheet which contains important information on moving in procedures as well as utilities connections - click to download:


Moving in/out slots will be for 2 hours and will need to be booked online.
Permissible moving times are between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Saturday. No moving is allowed on Sundays or public holidays. A $200 security deposit is required to be paid to the caretaker at the time of arrival which will be refunded upon inspection and confirmation that damage has not been caused to the Common Property. The OC Rules provide for a $50 charge for lift covers to be put up/removed, however, this charge will be waived during the initial move-in period as the lift covers will remain in place.
Apartments on the ground floor are permitted to move-in/out using their private external access without a booking during the moving times permitted by the OC Rules.

A reminder to all residents that they are required to make a booking online and use the lift override key when moving. The lift override key is stored in the onsite key safe next to the letterboxes and the code to open the safe is “5050”.

Obstructing the lift doors or forcing them open will cause the lift to malfunction and require Kone Elevator Service to attend which will be charged back to the residents responsible.

To operate the lift in manual mode, insert the key in the priority control (PRC) key switch inside the elevator and turn the key to “ON”. Whilst in priority mode, the doors will remain open at all times. To use the lift, swipe your token and select the floor required then the doors will shut and take you to the desired level. At the end of your move, please switch the key switch back to “OFF” (which will return the lift to normal operation) and return the key to the key safe.



A reminder that residents need to open an account for electricity and hot water through Winconnect as final readings were taken at settlement and the service was suspended. Please visit the Winconnect website at, select “New Connection”, enter postcode “3057” and when you start typing in your apartment number you will see a list of addresses containing your apartment. Remember to connect both hot water and electricity.

Further information available in the Moving in Fact Sheet

Document Library

27 January 2024 -


Below are links to documents that are frequently requested:
Moving in Fact Sheet
OC Rules
Plan of Subdivision
Strata Insurance Certificate & Policy Wording
Access Device Order Form
My Parcel Locker Information

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